Introduction to the STEM Invention & Innovation Competition Programs

In today’s world, it seems all students need to be equipped with STEM knowledge and the creative problem-solving skills necessary to be innovative and creative thinkers. With our STEM-focused solutions, we seek to create environments where learning happens in a hands-on and motivational way – helping students discover their talents and cement learning from the core classroom. For more than three decades, LEGO® Education has built a track record in STEM education by providing resources that are engaging, familiar, and relevant to young learners so that teachers and afterschool facilitators can deliver high-quality, hands-on curriculum that encourages creativity and problem solving while strengthening the abilities and skills needed for students to be successful in the core classroom.

By integrating LEGO Education in your after-school program, you will have the latest standards-based curriculum, teaching tools, and age-appropriate hardware and software that can help turn ordinary after-school programs into dynamic, performance-boosting learning environments. By offering student-driven and easy-to-use materials, we want to help your afterschool environment reinforce and enhance the learning occurring throughout the school day, setting your students on a path to future success.

All LEGO Education programs are designed to:

  • Enhance student engagement.
  • Require problem solving and critical thinking.
  • Encourage students to make real-world connections.
  • Develop collaboration skills.


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